North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 18th September 2021

North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 18th September 2021Not much North Cyprus News on the front page of Cyprus Today on 18th September 2021. We actually, there’s not much news in the entire paper. The warning that the Tekencik power-station generators were likely to fail is an annual event, I believe.


‘I WANT JUSTICE FOR MY JORDAN’ – THE mother of a British man who fell to his death in Girne earlier this year has said that her son did not take his own life. Jordan Cook, 23, died on May 21 after plunging 10 metres from the balcony of an apartment block on Hakkı Hasan Sokak. Turkish Cypriot police said in a statement at the time that they believed Mr Cook had taken his own life.

Generators at power station could ‘explode at any moment’ – GENERATORS at the Tekencik power station could “explode” or become “completely disabled” Deputy Prime Minister and Economy and Energy Minister Erhan Arıklı warned this week. Stating that one of the generators at Teknecik Power Plant is “completely out of order” and seven of them require “urgent servicing”, Dr Arıklı said: “We urgently have to get servicing from the company that produced these generators by going around the Central Tender Commission (MİK) law.”

Now you see it, now you don’t – Google ‘covers up’ TRNC flag – GOOGLE has been accused of covering up the TRNC flag in one of its promotional videos after being “bombarded” with complaints. The TRNC flag appeared in the background of a new video produced by Google in the UK.

The original version of the video, called “The more we learn, the closer we get | Search On” and voiced over by Manchester United footballer and anti-poverty campaigner Marcus Rashford MBE, was released on September 13. The flag could clearly be seen stuck on the side of a cabinet in what appears to be a mechanic’s workshop around 25 seconds into the one-minute video, which was shared on Google UK’s official social media channels.

The presence of the TRNC flag in the video was welcomed by Turkish Cypriots. However eagle-eyed social media users noticed that later in the week the video had been altered to create the appearance that a plain piece of paper was stuck on the side of the cabinet.


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