North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 17th April 2021

North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 17th April 2021North Cyprus News on the front page Cyprus Today 17th April 2021 focuses on the confusing quarantine tagging system and the tightening of coronavirus restrictions. Inside the newspaper is an article showing what happens when a company illegally builds a multi-million pound development – they are fined £8000 but allowed to carry on building.


CONFUSION OVER ‘STAY SAFE’ RULES –  THERE was confusion among expats this week over the launch of a new home quarantine system for arrivals that could lead to couples being split up because of their age. On Monday the government unveiled its new “Stay Safe” electronic tagging system that aims to eventually end the current practice of placing people into quarantine hotels and other centres, which is costing the government 50 million TL a month. Ministers hope to make savings of “80 to 85 per cent” if the new system is successfully rolled out. As of Thursday, April 15, 167 people were being “tracked” at home with wristbands, according to Health Ministry figures.

Government to tighten coronavirus restrictions – BUSINESSES must close at 6pm on Saturday, April 24, under a tightening of Covid19 restrictions, Prime Minister Ersan Saner announced on Thursday. The start of the nightly curfew will be brought forward an hour on Monday from 10pm to 9pm, Mr Saner said, due to increasing Covid cases. A full lockdown will remain in place on Sundays, with only chemists, bakeries and petrol stations open. Eateries have been warned that they could be ordered to close their doors again and only offer takeaway services if the coronavirus situation does not improve by Wednesday, April 21.


Company fined for ‘illegal building’ – THE company that has been building “illegally” in the “Old Harbour” area of Yenierenköy has been fined the equivalent of 20 times the monthly minimum wage. Ports Authority head Hasan Curcioğlu issued the fine – worth 88,000TL – to Özkom Ltd during an inspection of the site last Friday. The company has been given a lease on the land which is valid until 2049. Builders had continued their activities, which included the construction of a new breakwater, hotel and land reclamation, despite being told to stop by police officers and Environmental Protection Department officials


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