North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today – 1/3/2014

North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today - 1/3/2014North Cyprus News – Cyprus Today – 1/3/2014


Prepare for a property boom – because of a potential Cyprus settlement property sales in the north are booming and prices are beginning to increase, allegedly

Karpaz relics ‘richest’ yet discovered – bronze age finds dating back 3200 years have been found at the Kings Hill in Kaleburnu where a German archaeologist fell to his death earlier this week

TC fish and chip boss batters the UK competition – in London


Turkish funding on the way – Turkey is lending the TRNC $500m.

Protest planned as objector jailed – for refusing military service. He was jailed for refusing to pay a fine after being found guilty of infringing public safety. Editor: one conscript we know just washed cars

Confusion is rife over internet ‘censorship’ – not really, if your ISP uses a Turkish server you’ll be censored and monitored

Wet roads blamed for bus crash – not bad driving then?

Amazon under fire over racist review – of Turkish Cypriot Sibel Hodge’s book My Perfect Wedding. Amazon will not take down an review criticising Sibel’s book for being located in north Cyprus.

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