North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 12th October 2019

North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 12th October 2019North Cyprus News from the current Cyprus Today front page has been summarised and should there be any other news worth reading we’ll include it too.

That’s right, as usual, there hasn’t been any news worth reading. Not even the fact that with Turkey’s Syrian incursion the Turkish Lira has crashed. A few weeks ago you could only get 7TL for a £1 and now you can buy 7.50TL. Not good if you’ve got a TL account, you just lost 7% of the value of your money.


‘More Tests for Older Drivers’ – DRIVERS in the TRNC, including expats, aged 70 and over are to face annual health checks if they want to stay on the roads under new regulations proposed by the government, Cyprus Today can reveal. All motorists will have to pass a health test every 10 years then again when they reach 65, with yearly checks from age 70 onwards, according to draft legislation — part of a delayed EU “harmonisation” process —that could come into effect as early January 2020.

Homeowners `landlocked’ – six homeowners in Esen-tepe face becoming “prisoners” in their own homes after a neighbour said he would bar them from using his land to access their properties. Keith Ellis, 77, and wife Lesley, 63, say they and other owners on the Palm Homes development have been given until the end of this month to stop using the land after it was sold to a new owner. The plot of private land provides the only access to the 26 villas and bungalows after builders failed to construct a £5,000 bridge over a nearby ravine. Esentepe Mayor Cemal Erdogran confirmed he was aware of and “alarmed” by the dispute.

Victims of massacre laid to rest 45 years on – GREEK Cypriot Eoka gunmen who slaughtered 126 civilians in the villages of Murataga, Athlar and Sandallar on August 14, 1974, should be brought to justice, a relative of the victims has said. “No-one has ever been held accountable for this horrifying atrocity, despite there being eyewit-ness accounts and names and docu-ments of those who massacred defenceless women and children,” Ahmet Aw, 63, said.

Fire guts popular eatery – POLICE have launched an investigation after a blaze gutted parts of the Food Lodge European Artisan Bakery and Bistro in Catalkoy at around 5am on Thursday. No-one was killed or injured in the fire, thought to have been caused by an electrical fault, with the flames engulfing much of the premises.

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