North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 12th June 2021

North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 12th June 2021North Cyprus News on the front page of Cyprus Today on 12th June 2021 has a lot of could be and maybe’s.This is particularly true of the story saying that the south could be issuing 90 day a year maximum visas for non-EU arrivals so that ex-pats living in the North maybe turned away.


‘THE CLOCK IS TICKING’ – BRITISH residents in the TRNC who have taken advantage of last week’s reopening of the checkpoints to cross to the South and back could be in for a shock come September. Many have been chancing their luck that Greek Cypriot immigration officials will not impose a 90-day limit on their stay in the South, which is now applicable to Brits as non-EU citizens following the end of the Brexit transitional phase.

Vaccination programme gets a 76,000-dose boost – THE TRNC received a massive boost to its Covid-19 vaccination programme this week with the delivery of 76,000 doses. The figure includes 21,000 doses of Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine which, unlike other Covid19 vaccines, only requires one shot for a person to be fully vaccinated.

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