North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 12th December 2020

North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 12th December 2020The North Cyprus News on the front page of Cyprus Today on 12th December 2020 is scarce and yet again contain the word ‘could’, as in obtaining TRNC citizenship ‘could’ become easier. Plus, a great surprise is revealed in an article that discovered that building regulations are not being enforced.


‘New Path to Citizenship’ – Human Rights lawyer and former foreign minister Emine Colak said she would back a law to bring in an “automated system” for citizenship that is “just, reasonable and which conformed to universal human rights laws”. “Unfortunately, at present, TRNC citizenship can be granted to people who do not fulfil the conditions through bribes, but is denied to those who are fully entitled,” she said.

Building regulations flouted, TRNC faces potential disaster – NORTH Cyprus is facing a potential disaster because earthquake building regulations are being flouted on a regular basis, an expert has warned. The issue was brought under the spotlight after a quake rocked Cyprus last Saturday. Although there were no injuries or damage, it is feared that buildings in the TRNC would not be able to withstand a more powerful earthquake.


No quarantine-free entry under new rule – QUARANTINE-free entry to the TRNC for Covid-19 negative passengers staying for three days or less has been suspended. The new rule came into effect on Tuesday, as part of the latest package of measures to counter Covid-19, and will be in force until at least 11.59pm on December 23. The change, recommended to the government by the Communicable Diseases High Committee, was implemented on the same day North Cyprus recorded its sixth death from the disease

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