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North Cyprus News | Asil Nadir Having Cash Problems

North Cyprus News - Asil Nadir Having Cash ProblemsWITHOUT PREJUDICE

North Cyprus News – Asil Nadir Having Cash Problems

It seems even whilst tucked away in Belmarsh Jail Mr Nadir is still in the news although strangely enough never in Cyprus Today. ¹

Of the £1,987,743 the state handed out in legal aid to this former multi millionaire who claims he is penniless, a mere
£153,039 has been recovered from him towards his legal aid. Redistribution of wealth enjoys a whole new meaning
when employed to describe this gentleman and his family.

He has, according to this report, paid the £5m required to keep his sentence at the level it is.

He could be back in his beloved north Cyprus by 2017 if he appeals to spend the rest of his sentence in a north Cypriot
jail and is successful. One suspects this might be a sort of home confinement. One expects his north Cyprus confinement
will be as luxurious as the £23,000 a month apartment whilst on trial in London.



Pauline Read

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