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North Cyprus News – Asil Nadir Bibliography

I think what amuses me most about these books in particular is their authors, who no one could accuse of being unbiased due to their proximity to the subject matter and the original cost of the hardbacks. Wow. I have not read either.

Mr Nadir who gave himself up after many years avoiding prosecution in his native north Cyprus was jailed for ten years and now resides in Bellmarsh prison.

Whether you agree or disagree with his sentence there have been many who have put pen to paper and profited from the exploits of this most charismatic of men.

Asil nadir book 1“Publication Date: 23 Sep 1999

The rise and fall of Asil Nadir and Polly Peck is one of the most controversial episodes in UK business history — and the fascinating tale related by Nadir’s beautiful younger sister gives the most intimate account of the saga yet. There are many questions that demand an answer and not, as some might think, by Asil Nadir, but by those in pursuit of him. The 1990 collapse of Polly Peck, super-share of the ’80s and once valued at 2 billion pounds, left investors and the City stunned. The firm passed into the hands of administrators. Nadir — one of the UK’s wealthiest men, courted by Tory politicians — was bankrupted and charged with fraud. But his long-drawn-out prosecution and sensational escape to North Cyprus left a mass of unanswered questions. At the centre of the controversy set out here are the widely discredited Serious Fraud Office and the political Establishment. A government minister resigned, denouncing prosecuting authorities. A High Court judge and top QC were accused of a ‘plot’ to pervert the course of justice. The Attorney general has to apologise for misleading parliament. This is a compelling story of a family caught up in a devastating avalanche of events, against a backdrop of multi-million-pound business, politics, international diplomacy and turbulent Cyprus. The story that more than 23,000 shareholders have been waiting to read.

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Asil nadir book 2Publication Date: 25 April 1996

Elizabeth Forsyth – former chairperson of Asil Nadir’s private finance company, South Audley Management, which was raided by the Serious Fraud Office in 1990 – reveals the truth about Polly Peck, the FTSE 100 high-flyer that collapsed after the raid. She tells how the shareholders were left with nothing, and of the subsequent vilification and persecution of both herself and its charismatic founder, Asil Nadir. This is the inside story of their dramatic six-year battle to uncover the dubious activities of the Serious Fraud Office and to clear their names. It implicates the SFO, the Inland Revenue and the Stock Exchange in a face-saving, political cover-up. Corruption, collusion and calumny in the highest strata of the British establishment involves the dismissal of a minister and the compromising of a High Court judge.

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