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North Cyprus Law – Gone With The Wind

Yesterday a post appeared on one of the support group pages which indicated that the writer was the landlord of the office rented by Mr. Bensen. The poster who called himself Hulus Eren alleged that Mr Bensen left the office owing almost £2,500 in rent and utilities.

Of course we all know that not everything we read on FaceBook is true, indeed many lies have been written about me, but I personally am inclined to believe this.

It is sad because we know that so many clients were left unrepresented when Mr Bensen disappeared and was no longer contactable. Many of his clients have given accounts of being left in the lurch both in posts on NCFP and on the support group pages, having paid up front for his services. Again this is hearsay but I myself can vouch first hand that I was badly let down by Mr Bensen.

It is enough when a non-legally trained person allegedly pulls this stunt on his landlord but for a legally trained professional to allegedly do this, is indeed heinous if true. There is no excuse for anyone to abandon their clients, they all had contact numbers and email addresses yet he allegedly left them “blowing in the wind ” without a word.

When I first met Mr Bensen, he voiced the opinion that what the legal profession had done to the property victims was contemptible and that he was going to help them right this wrong through the legal system. Now we find his governing body the Baro Council are as equally unwilling to deal with him as they have been in dealing with the complaints about other Advocates who have duped their clients, often in what would be a criminal way in other countries.

He reacted aggressively to me when I started to question his ethics and his bullying of members of the support groups, he became belligerent and I removed him from my groups and removed my support of him. I also had a Contract with him which he famously breached by refusing to represent me in court. I must be fairly unique, sacked twice by TRNC Advocates. The first sacking coming when the 6 years within which I could have sued Naomi Ruth Mehmet had expired.

The famous non-victory I achieved, the Breach of Contract award, was action advised and undertaken by her firm. Another piece of very poor advice in my opinion.

It occurs to me that if Bensen had spent less time drafting in strangers to his North Cyprus Free Legal Advice page and the TRNCYPRUS GOVERNMENT PLEASE DEPORT AND PUNISH THE BAD PAULINE READ FaceBook Hate Group, and more time on the needs of his clients, he would have been better employed. However, I now personally wonder if it was ever his intention to earn his fees.

Never give in never give up

Pauline Read

DISCLAIMER: The views of Pauline Read cannot be attributed to NCFP.

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