North Cyprus Law | Apologies for Recommending Mehmet Bensen


North Cyprus Law – Apologies for Recommending Mehmet Bensen

A new persona has arrived on NCFP, s/he is ‘ThatsnotfairPauline’. Could it be Mehmet Kaptan Bensen, I do not know, but would I put it past him…well I leave you to decide?

I believe it is fair to point out that I was totally taken in by Mehmet Kaptan Bensen. He talked a good story and I fell for it, hook, line and sinker. So much so that I entered into a written Contract with him which we both signed and then he refused to act for me, telling the Judge at a court appearance that he did not wish to act for me. When I challenged him on this, he said the Contract is unenforceable and I would not like his defence if I tried to sue him for Breach of Contract.

Firstly, I must apologise to anyone who may have paid him money because of anything I said or wrote. I am very sorry.

He is an Advocate and as such one assumes he knows how to conduct himself. One has to wonder if there is such a thing as an honest Advocate in north Cyprus. I pray there is. Being a British Turkish Cypriot, speaking the language fluently, I guess just made me easier to convince. His disgust with the legal profession he expressed was, I will admit, such a new experience that it went a long way towards him endearing himself to me. I now know that was part of the sell. His initial views to me contrasted markedly with those he later expressed and when he started acting like a bully towards members of the Legal page group and trying to censor what was written, I was forced to take the action I did. Sadly, by then it was too late to save many from his clutches.

Not only did he become my Advocate, Agile and I considered him a friend too. He certainly acted like one at first and was out with us socially frequently. Because we felt so sorry for him, we naturally paid for almost everything he ate and drank, believe me, he certainly knows how to eat and drink. Absolute and Red Bull being his tipple of choice, no cheaper local vodka for Mehmet.

Clients are being ignored, his mobile frequently switched off, emails ignored and allegedly a butcher’s shop where his Kyrenia office used to be.

Just like the landowners and the builder brought the Bank into my life, I feel I brought Hak Hukuk aka Mehmet Kaptan Bensen into the lives of some of his clients. The difference is, I do sincerely apologise for my part in bringing this person into the lives of those who chose to use him on my recommendation.

Disclaimer. These are my opinions and views and in no way reflect on North Cyprus Free Press.

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