North Cyprus Law | Akfinans Bank v Pauline Read Libel Cases

North Cyprus Law | Akfinans Bank v Pauline Read Libel CasesWITHOUT PREJUDICE

The good news of yesterday is still sinking in.

I should explain that this case is totally separate to the Libel cases and although the Libel writs are a direct result of my fighting for our rights in the Kulaksiz 5 -v-Akfinans Bank Limited case, the Libel cases are separate and titled Akfinans Bank Limited -v-Pauline Read. It is important that the cases should not be thought to be connected. They are not.

Hopefully tomorrow I shall be able to provide more information about the Kulaksiz 5 -v- Akfinans Bank Limited thanks to Cyprus Today.

There was a hearing about my Libel case in late November and it was then I discovered that the bank are threatening to call a police officer as a witness to give details of information he found on Laura the Laptop, who has been in police custody since 14th October 2010, over 5 (FIVE) years on a totally separate matter, i.e. the Geoff Day case. ¹

I am not legally qualified, but I do have grave doubts about the legality of such evidence being allowed. I also question the legality of the police retaining my laptop at all. It seems whatever Akfinans wants, allegedly they get.

First it was access to my PTP application whilst in the possession of the Ministry of the Interior. Now allegedly it seems they can have access to my laptop whilst it is in police possession to use information taken from it without my consent or knowledge to use in a totally unconnected case.

I believe that yet again my privacy is being invaded and my human rights being violated. If you cannot trust the Ministry of the Interior or the police to respect your privacy and your legal rights, who can you trust?

I do not believe the police had an arrest warrant, I do not believe the police had a search warrant, I did not give the police permission to take Laura, indeed the day they took her, the police officer said ‘may I take your laptop’ and I said ‘no you may not’. Despite verbal and written applications to have my laptop returned, I am still waiting.



Pauline Read

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