Alsancak Belediyesi Teşekkürler | Thank You

Alsancak Belediyesi Teşekkürler | Thank YouAlsancak Belediyesi Teşekkürler – Thank You

There are too many complaints about the running of North Cyprus so I thought I would recognise good work when it occurs.

Yesterday I wrote about losing our water supply in Malatya and the difficulty in getting Alsancak Belediyesi to come and deal with it. So, I repeated my request to the ‘Water Lady’ for someone to come and sort out the problem and having realised the ‘Water Technicians’ hadn’t turned up on Friday, phoned again and firmly requested that they come in 20 minutes.

Well, 35 minutes later they arrived and quickly discovered that builders across from us had cut off our supply while digging a path through it. Immediately they decided to reroute the supply and brought up a JCB to cut a new channel. Within a few hours our water supply was back on –  no charge!

Well done, Alsancak Belediyesi – Teşekkürler!

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