North Cyprus Government | Harmonising With EU Laws

North Cyprus Government | Harmonising With EU LawsNorth Cyprus Government – Harmonising With EU Laws

How sweet, there have been calls within the TRNC government for the north to prepare themselves for the possibility of suddenly becoming part of the EU. The north’s Cyprus Talks negotiators say that they could be ready for a referendum by the autumn and so do the south’s. The only difference is the north is talking about 2014 and the south 2015.

The north, believing they might have a positive vote before the year is out desperately want to prepare for the event by immediately entering a period of harmonisation with the EU. Well, to be more precise, they want the EU to supply the money for this imaginary process.

I wonder if they have a model for this process, the south perhaps? I am sure the first act in the north the money will be used for will be to enshrine the rights of EU citizens into TRNC law. Rights to vote and the removal of permission to purchase restrictions to owning property would surely be at the top of the list. Closely followed by EU citizens no longer needing a visa or the annual residency renewal. Oh, the list goes on but that’s all it ever will be, long after any EU money is spent.

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