North Cyprus Football | The Future of United Cyprus Football

footballNorth Cyprus Football – The Future of United Cyprus Football

Having digested the news that Cyprus Turkish Football Association teams are to potentially play internationally thanks to their working through the south’s Cyprus Football Association I started to think about more down to earth implications. The unified football associated includes teams such as APOEL FC which regularly play in the Champions League and Europa League, and they reached the Champions League quarter-finals a few seasons ago. What about the north’s teams?

The Cyprus Turkish Football Association at details in English the K-Pet Super League table and fixtures for 2012-13 but is generally out of date, showing the deterioration of interest in keeping the English language site up to date. You have better luck clicking on the Turkish language section which shows the current state of the table and up-to-date fixtures.

The question in my mind is what will happen in the future? Will the bottom half of the south and north Cyprus premier leagues be cut and the teams at the top moved to a new ‘united premier league’ and who will be the sponsor? Would it be unimaginable for Greek Cypriot players to wear a strip bearing the logo of a north Cyprus business?

Even more interesting, if that is the right phrase, is what will happen during all the fixtures involving north Cyprus teams and APOEL FC and their less than tolerant fans. What, heavens forbid, if they were beaten by a team from the north? We live in interesting times.

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