North Cyprus Consumer | Cost of Living

North Cyprus Consumer – Cost of Living

With the Turkish Lira weakening it is inevitable that North Cyprus Cost of Living will rise. Although this will hit foreign exports first eventually it will affect locally sourced goods and those imported from Turkey.

We’ve all noticed the increase of our shopping bill but if your income is from non-lira sources the lira weakness will offset this. A year ago, 450TL would pay most normal bills for myself and my partner for the week and this used to be the equivalent to £200. Now I find I need 600TL per week and that’s around £170. So, for the time being it seems that the weak lira is good for me but I have a feeling that difference will disappear as the months go by as the local Cost of Living rises.

The aim has always been to live comfortably on £10,ooo per year in North Cyprus although our income is far greater than that. What about you? Have you any tips to keep within a similar budget for two, not including holidays and major purchases?

The only tips I have are the obvious ones such as eat local produce rather than foreign imports, avoid being conned or short-changed in the shops, and obviously cut down on waste.

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