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North Cyprus Consumer - Pegasus Airlines Christmas PresentIt is at Christmas time that the need for extra luggage allowance becomes more urgent, with Christmas presents traveling with you in both directions. Having read the following bulletin board comments I thought I’d pass them on, plus a few traveling tips.

“We returned from the UK on 13th December, as our families had given us our Christmas presents we knew we would be overweight and duly visited the website and purchased an additional 5k of luggage allowance.

We were quite shocked to find that at check in they weighed our cases together. Mine weighed 20.6k and my husband’s weighed in at 25.4 which took in the additional 5k. They said as our COMBINED WEIGHT was over 45k by a full kilo we would have to pay and additional £12.

We have been travelling together for 30 years and never has our luggage been weighed together.

Merry Christmas Pegasus!

Hope your customer relations department gets to read this article but have a feeling they will not give a snowball!”

If that was not enough, another writer on the board made a further observation.

“Flown dozens of times with them and they always manage to make it heavier than everyone else’s scales and charge the maximum possible on excess baggage.

We once came through 2 other airports with a certain weight, yet Pegasus made it more, I did complain, but they did not even reply, and on the same flight the person sat next to me had the same moan.”

It is worth noting a few snippets from Pegasus’s own online luggage rules.

“The following are allowed to be carried on board without subjected to extra cost. If there is no room in the cabin for these items, then they will be stowed in the hold and carried as checked baggage.

  • One hand bag suitable for traveling,
  • One overcoat, shawl, scarf or blanket,
  • One bag of duty-free shopping,
  • One umbrella (except those with pointed ends) or walking stick,
  • One baby carrycot or pushchair (can be placed in cargo),
  • One small camera or telescope,
  • Books and magazines to be read during the flight,
  • Collapsible wheelchair or pair of crutches (to be placed in cargo)
  • Baby food and carrycot to be used during the flight
  • One laptop computer”

In other words, if Pegasus staff weigh your hand luggage and say it is over weight or refuse to let you transfer items from your suitcase, then it is worth reminding them that items such as your handbag, camera, book and magazines and laptop do not count in the hand luggage weight.

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6 comments to North Cyprus Consumer | Pegasus Airlines Christmas Present

  • fluter

    Only flown with t hem once, changing at Sabiah Gökchen, where they had put “friends or relatives” in our pre-booked and paid for seats.

    We had to stand aside until everyone else was on board.

    What if the plane had been full? No doubt we would have been offloaded.

    What a shower, I wouldn’t touch them again with a barge-pole.

  • Polly Marples

    Pegasus also employ Yuksel Yilmaz the landowner in the K5 saga. When it got too hot for this thief in TRNC wher he was a manager, they arranged a transfer for him to Hatay Airport, where he still works, they look after their own, as you found out fluter.

  • Miltiades

    Nothing odd !!

  • AM

    At least Turkish Banks doesn’t STEAL chunks of your hard earned savings ?

  • Miltiades

    No, they just despatch their barbaric army and take the lot !

  • AM

    Take the lot ???
    I sometimes wish they had.