No Adverts For North Cyprus Hotels On Greek Land

No Adverts For North Cyprus Hotels On Greek LandUntil recently were advertising 130 luxury hotels, apartments, guesthouses, boutique hotels and eco hotels but now list only 16 hotels in North Cyprus. The reason given for this reduction, according to the company, is:

“because is a European-based company, we are subject to the regulations of other EU member states and are therefore prohibited from doing business with certain properties in northern Cyprus.”

In other words they are refusing to advertise hotels which are on land abandoned by Greek Cypriots in 1974.  They are using the excuse that there is an EU regulation which prevents this. If this is true then competitors would have followed suit. Well, are advertising 18 hotels in the Kyrenia area alone and they are not the same ones. For example, they are advertising Oscar Resort Hotel and are not. amazingly are advertising 140 hotels in the Kyrenia area, surely in direct confrontation of this EU regulation that has imagined. To me it looks as if Greek/Greek Cypriot influence has yet again been brought to bear in an attempt to damage the north’s economy in the hope they they would more easily compromise in the Cyprus negotiations.

A threat to force to replace the missing hotels has been met with scorn by Orhan Tolun of the Cyprus Turkish Hoteliers Union.

“How can we force a private company to advertise places they choose not to advertise? Is it not the company’s prerogative?”

While undoubtedly the ban would affect a few bookings, in reality if someone decides to come to North Cyprus, and decides to use the internet, then they will find hotels by typing ‘North Cyprus Hotels’ in Google and will have more than enough links to choose from.


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16 comments to No Adverts For North Cyprus Hotels On Greek Land

  • Jerry

    You have absolutely no credibility Freeman, tell the truth, not ” land abandoned by Greek Cypriots in 1974.” but “forced from their land at gunpoint”.

  • Ian Edwards

    The master of spin strikes again!

    There was no one there to force anyone away at gunpoint, Jerry, not even you. They all ran off as soon as they heard that the Turks were coming, so Dominic’s use of the word ‘abandoned’ was quite correct.

  • Miltiades

    The ” Master” specialist on the Cyprus issue, who by the way before coming to the northern occupied parts had thoroughly looked elsewhere, on his own admission he couldn’t afford elsewhere settling instead in the occupied parts, now he is a …scholar on the Cyprob.

    The Aussie clown knows the Cyprob inside out !!!

    Listen you fool, the G/Cs were forced to leave their ancestral lands as the Turkish army invaded and killed, raped, many thousands. It has been a part of the Ottoman culture, kill the infidels, destroy the infidels culture and turn a part of Cyprus into a Turkish province. What goes around comes around, Turkey will depart sooner or later, and scum like you will follow.

  • Ian Edwards

    Hi Yiannis.

    Hope you’re having a nice day.

  • Cyprus Sue

    So sad. I had hoped that we would soon be witnessing a combined effort by the TC and GC to promote the whole island as a holiday destination. Imagine 2 centre holidays?
    Many holidaying in the North fly into Larnaca and certainly cross the Green Line to visit and shop. This is somewhat shooting yourself in the foot. Obviously any increase in tourists would have benefited all Cypriots, particularly if a solution was possible. No doubt a tit for tat approach will now begin with the North identifying the amount of TC land having been built on in the South. Larnaca airport has already been mentioned.

    When things like this happen it makes you realise that the possibility of reunification is near impossible because what is more important for many is the act of revenge and one-up-man-ship. Do those eternally campaigning not realise the long term damage they are doing?

    Cyprus the island of love, according to the adverts. In reality it is better known for political mismanagement, corruption and greed. Such actions just feed this image. No wonder holiday bookings to other Med countries far out weigh bookings to Cyprus. Negative publicity, even with a ring of truth, will do nothing to attract tourists.

  • Miltiades

    The problem here Sue, with due respect you conveniently ignore, is that the 80% of Cypriots, see the northern parts of Cyprus as occupied by a foreign bloody country, Turkey,. The indigenous Cypriot people have been o this island for thousands of years, can you tell me why on earth should I or other true Cypriots accept the continued occupation of our northern parts.

    Incidentally, Larnaca airport is NOT built on T/C land which amounts in total to 3%. You are on the whole a serious contributor to NCFP , on occasions however you appear to totally ignore historical facts.
    1. The northern parts of Cyprus ARE occupied by Turkey following the barbaric invasion of 1974.
    2. Cyprus was the FIRST country to be ruled by a Christian.
    3. T/Cs are victims themselves of the mythology concerning their true motherland which is none other than the island of Cyprus.
    4. We the Cypriots, all Cypriots, are a resilient people, we have had many conquerors, Britain included, all have departed, Turkeyt will also depart sooner rather than later.

    Our island belongs to US the Cypriots, to hell with Turkey, to hell with Greece and may I say to hell with low down cheapskate ex council estate peasants.

  • AM

    Haha… The famous 2 are back

  • Cyprus Sue


    You make many statements that I am in full agreement with. The island of Cyprus belongs to Cypriots and there should be no “Motherlands” Cypriots should have unity to Cyprus not Turkey or Greece. Its such a shame and an obstacle to the future of the island that not all Cypriots support this view and many see their roots as Turkish or Greek more than Cypriot.
    I also agree that Turkish troops should leave the island, although I can appreciate that many TC don’t feel safe with this outcome. As you will know from my previous posts, I have always stated that a great injustice was perpetrated when GC property and land was sold or given away by the TRNC Government. I can see why there is so much anger and hatred, from both communities. It is human nature and is a normal reaction given the circumstances.

    The point I am trying to make is that when talks are at such a crucial stage and both communities are on the worlds stage and the doom slayers are doing everything to prove that the TC and GC could never live together, was this really the best time to have such a campaign? Should Cypriots be looking to the future and promoting the whole of the island to tourists? Taking steps towards increased financial security for the whole island? Looking long term not short term?

    I am not sure if Larnaca Airport is on TC land or not – The TC say yes, the GC say no. You missed the point I was making which was not a confirmation that it was on TC land but that the tit for tat had already begun!
    I see no winners but plenty of losers with this type of reaction.

  • Cyprus Sue

    By the way I can assure you that I am NOT a low down cheapskate ex-council estate peasant!!!!

  • AM

    The old Larnaca airport was built on TC land and that is fact, the excuse was in 1974 the south had to quickly build an airport as Nicosia was “out of bounds” so they built it on land owned by a TC and claimed compulsory purchase as there was nowhere else to build…..then as if by magic and out of thin air they built the new Larnaca airport ……..on GC land that had been there all the time. You couldn’t make it up.

  • Miltiades

    Larnaca Airport was hastily developed towards the end of 1974 after the invasion of Cyprus by Turkey on 20 July of the same year,[3] which forced the closure of Nicosia International Airport. The site on which it was built (near the Larnaca Salt Lake), had been previously used as an airfield in the 1930s and, subsequently, as a military installation by the British forces”

    Where is this T/C ” owner of the land? Has he or she or their descendants ever made a claim ?

    Idiots who know ba about Cyprus such as the NCFP IDIOT, ie AM, HAS APPARENTLY ALL THE …FACTS !!

  • Jerry

    Milti, they go on and on about the fact that Larnaca Airport is on TC land but thousands of people who live and visit the north are happy to use it each year. I wonder if our “friends” from the north who post here will be honest enough to tell us if they have ever used Larnaca or Paphos airports.

  • Ian Edwards

    Gee Jerry, I use Larnaca Airport every time I go to Cyprus, but what on earth has that to do with it being built on former TC land?

    If you aren’t on meds maybe you should consider a visit to a doctor?

  • Jerry

    Milti, they are bloody hypocrites, they use it but complain because it’s on they say it’s on TC land. What a bunch of tosspots!

  • AM

    Jerry there you go again, you are such a clever man in having the ability to read peoples minds ?

    I for one do not use Larnaca and chose to fly TA to Istanbul and then on to Ercan….much more civilised and far superior airline.
    So you two muppets there are some of us have no interest in South Cyprus.

  • Jerry

    I read Edward’s, the hypocrite, mind accurately so you are correct, I am clever.