Cyprus Today | 28/8/2013

Cyprus Today | 28/8/2013Cyprus Today | 28/8/2013

This edition seems to be scratching around for news and is often either old news or Much Ado About Nothing.

UK Fighter Jets Land in Cyprus – because they may be involved in action in Syria

Investors Calling for Answers – about why they’ll possibly lose all their money invested by Asute FMA’s Scott Kennedy. £11.5m is at risk. He is alleged to have made £1m in commission but had invested 1mTL himself, so probably only made £650,000 profit in the end. He is being asked why he isn’t giving investors their money back out of his. Contrary to previous reports in Cyprus Today, Scott says ‘that’s gone now.’ Scott is apparently setting up new offices in Bodrum and Fethiye but he’s not doing a runner…honest.

Interest rate hike ‘not on the cards’ – see NCFP article about weakening lira, said to be 3.14TL to £1 but now is 3.22TL.

It is time to chose your partner – since this article was published it seems that a CTP-DP coalition has been formed with Sedar Denktas getting the newly form Economy and Tourism Ministry. So DP get 4 ministries and CTP 6. Editor: what about Sibel Siber?

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