The TRNC Government can’t be blamed for the problems – they haven’t done anything

People seem to always want to blame the TRNC government for problems with property, tourism and the environment. Well it’s unfair – they haven’t done anything. For example many people complain about Akfinans Bank charging phenomenal interest rates so that a contract breaking loan given to the builder rose to 20 times the original amount borrowed. Well, just like the TRNC government, the builder can’t be blamed. They didn’t pay a single penny of the amount borrowed and the government didn’t stop them. So, how can they be blamed? The same goes for Akfinans Bank, they didn’t check to see if there was a contract registered on the property used to raise the loan, how can they be at fault, they didn’t do anything and the government didn’t do anything to stop them.

Tourism, the new flagship North Cyprus Airline, they didn’t do anything. They didn’t register their business or buy any planes or set it up in a way it could start flying passengers. The government didn’t do anything to check this before announcing this airline was to be a viable airline. They can’t be blamed that tourists are so wary of this white elephant they’ll think more than twice before buying tickets. Same with the now defunct Cyprus Turkish Airlines, the government can’t be blamed they didn’t do anything to help all those tourists who suddenly found their holidays were ruined. They are not to blame for the message this sent to other tourists.

What about the environment, with fumes belching out from lorries, buses, cars and power stations. That’s not the government’s fault. They didn’t do anything. What about the rubbish strewn everywhere and the carpet of partly built monstrosities? The government can’t be blamed; they didn’t plan the expansion of the country. The builders can’t be blamed either, they didn’t check the environmental impact of what they were doing.

So what have the government been doing all this time they were in power? Well there is one thing that they did do and that was sweet FA.

April Fool! And every month they don’t do anything.

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