The Assassin’s Village by Faith Mortimer

Cyprus-based author, Faith Mortimer, has released a new novel, The Assassin’s Village, as an e-book.

Faith took the decision to publish her second work of fiction electronically to take full advantage of fast publication times and the big increase in the number of e-books being sold in the UK and abroad.

Faith splits her time between homes in Cyprus and Hampshire, UK. Her new novel, “The Assassin’s Village” features a blackmailer and a murderer in the midst of an expatriate theatre group riven by jealousy. When a body is discovered, Diana, a cast member, turns detective to draw up a suspects list. After the police get involved, one of the suspects is found hanged –another murder or the suicide of a guilty person?

From The Assassins’ Village:

As the victim stared with revulsion, his throat gagged and he retched. Stomach churning, he felt a warmth spread beneath his loins. Screaming in panic he tried to pull away from the calm face of his attacker, only to realise that it was futile. The end, when it came, was swift, a thrust and a sharp twist. At first, there was no wound; then the blood flowed and grew like a blossom of deep red peonies spilling their petals to hiss upon the hot honey-coloured rock. Satisfied, the assassin bent down, removed the pretty blue scarab ring from the victim’s finger, placed it in the bag and walked away without another look.

The book has been reviewed by a Harper Collins editor as having echoes of Macbeth, “It illustrates all of the strengths of the writing, the prose is obviously impeccably researched, and brings in a political element that raises the calibre of the story; the setting is evocative; and the characterisation is strong and feels fresh…”

Faith is a former nurse who trained at Guildford in Surrey and is trained as a yacht master. Her first novel, The Crossing, was published both in paperback and as an e-book and has sold well.

Faith said, “Once I’d finished my first novel, The Crossing, I was dying to get cracking on another fiction story. One Friday we were invited to a party in our village in Cyprus. The guests were almost 100% local residents, and a right motley bunch they were too. We (my husband and I) live in a small village in Cyprus, and our neighbours consist of many Nationalities. Mostly we live in harmony, but just occasionally something untoward will happen and our quiet village erupts, in a seething mass of tittle-tattle and suspicion.

“It was during one of these episodes that I realised everyone has a quite different approach to life in general. In the village we have a miniature Roman Amphitheatre, and as I’ve been a regular ‘amateur’ actress for years I thought it would be fun to concoct a story around the ‘players’ (some villagers), the rest of the local people and an event that would completely shatter the community in its happening.”

The melodrama and suspense of The Assassins’ Village create a real page-turner. I love the theatrical aspect to this story – the initial setting within the amphitheatre and the connections to Shakespeare which make it truly unique. I also liked the Shakespeare quotations at the beginning of each chapter, a nice, clever touch.

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The Assassin’s Village follows Faith’s first novel, The Crossing which received high praise when published in 2009. Based on a true incident, this powerfully emotive tale of passion and love across two generations in the parallel settings of modern day action and the horrors of war makes an utterly compelling read with a refreshing and very different approach to subjects which are normally the preserve of male authors.





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