Notes from Lapta, Cyprus – Lefkoşa Town (Sung to the House of the Rising Sun) by Ken Dunn

There is a place called Lefkoşa,

They call a divided town,

And it’s been the ruin of many a GC,

Who always wear a frown.

TC’s all know the truth of the past,

They’ve stated it so clear,

But when will the CG’s ever agree,

They never will I fear.

Now the only things a TC needs,

Are earplugs and resolve,

As the GC’s rant and rave at them,

Their brains must surely revolve.

Oh Hellenics tell your children,

Not to do what you have done,

Spend your time in truth sometimes,

And unite this divided town.

I have to say that this may be,

A total waste of time,

I’m going back to the TRNC,

To wait for reason and rhyme.

Well, there is a place called Lefkoşa,

It remains a divided town,

And until the GC’s calm down a lot,

They’ll still be wearing that frown.

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