Robin’s Snippets – we’ve agreed to do the things we agreed on!

The President of the TRNC, Dervis Eroglu, met with representatives from the business sector in his residence to take part in the Workers Congress for Agriculture. In a final statement, the head of state declared:

“that all necessary means would be used to implement the measures agreed at the meeting. Furthermore politicians should maintain a continuing dialog with the heads of industry in order to achieve a solution for the pressing economic problems facing the republic”.

The attendees had, according to a spokesman for the president, been asking for more competition and better conditions for the tourism sector and raised questions about the privatisation of industry segments.

It all sounds very vague and very deniable. All very well to declare we will do all we can to achieve what we have agreed today. BUT without the contents of the agreement it’s just hot air. Were the erstwhile business sector representatives for privatisation (in line with more competition), or against it in line with the status quo? What measures for the tourist industry? More subsidies for my cousins’ travel agents? Or more money from the state for the new privatised airline? I get the feeling they’re all out to lunch here. Which puts a big question mark on my mental health state. If everyone around you appears to be mad…… ?

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