Robin’s Snippets – Heady Or Headless Days

A press release on 4th September 2011 with the title “Solution 82“  was issued by the TDV (Türk Demokrasi Vakfi) with reference to the Cyprob. The contents reflect the reluctance of the GC side to agree to compromises in the almost 50 year old conflict. The negative attitude of the GC side gave the impression that they are not really interested in a settlement, only in repossession. The TDV has the impression that the only viable Cyprob solution is the formation of a federation of two states and two communities. This apparently is being met with a big NO from the south. If the talks between Dervis Eroglu (otherwise known as the invisible president) and Dimitris Christofias should fail, which looks increasingly likely, the next aim would be to get international recognition for the tiny Republic of North Cyprus. Should this also be unreachable then a plebiscite in North Cyprus should take place to see if the populace would agree to become Turkey’s 82nd State. This would solve the embargo problem at a stroke.

Signs that this agenda is being followed already by the Ankara Govt seem to be increasing; the water pipeline being administered by Turkey with 8 Regional offices in the TRNC, for example. The pipeline is also bringing electricity and gas to the Island but I doubt that Kib-Tek will get the opportunity to market and administer that either. Subtle little things like Turkish mainland post lorries on the North Coast road. All this seems to be bypassing the current apparently politically paralysed Northern Government. Put that into the picture of legislation currently being effected which pays absolutely no heed to “convergence” with EU or for that matter Turkish laws. It looks like the present team in the House of Deputies is running around like a headless chicken. It doesn’t seem to be a case of head in the sand, but a case of no head at all.

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