Robin’s Snippets

Did you know that it is now illegal for non TRNC citizens to fish without a permit? As of 13th Jan this year the new law has been in force, ostensibly to preserve fish stocks. Permits can be obtained from the Hayvancılık Dairesi for a mere 20TL for 3 days fishing. Cheaper to buy the fish in the shops me thinks.

The State has apparently got no money, yet apparently the purse strings aren’t strapped enough to prevent the new President and one of his predecessors, Rauf Denktaş, from taking a jolly to the mainland to erect a statue in honour of Bülent Ecevit “the conqueror of Cyprus.” This was as a gesture of thanks for the ensuing peace since the intervention. They’ll probably also hire a couple of “municipal attendants” to look after the thing for the next few years.

Apparently after a meeting of Academics in TRNC organised by the Girne American University, there are now 100 College Deans and Rectors hurrying back to their respective campuses to spread the Gospel of North Cyprus. The term Cultural Envoys was used. I hope they enjoyed the litter strewn historical sites. The Efes bottle beach decorations and the superb collection of rotting concrete skeletons decorating the coastlines. I think I must be a Cultural Envoy as well, seeing as how I spread the gospel and all that.

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