Read the article, seen the pictures, been there and done that – what’s next?

Local newspapers seem to consist mainly of party pictures alongside reports of horrendous traffic accidents which any sane person can only sadly shake their heads; both the parties and the accidents.

Today I had the dubious honour of actually being involved in the latter. Coming up from the airport my taxi driver was keen to boast that he’d made Larnaca airport from Paphos in under 50 minutes. The tires smelt like Seb Vettel’s at a mid-race pit stop when I got into the taxi.

The driver roared off at a terrific (or should I say terrifying) lick ignoring road signs and speed limits with complete disdain. Anyone who blocked his way on the motorway up from Larnaca was given a brief flash of the lights, a hoot, a mouth full of best Turkish invective and got overtaken on the inside if they persisted in staying in the fast lane.

I arrived at the crossing at Metahan thinking I was lucky to have got this far without incident.
So passport checked, and bit of paper stamped, off we whizzed again. Instead of the usual route via Girne the driver took a left in Lefkoşa and headed for Güzelyurt. Coming into the final straight down into Camlibel the accident that was waiting to happen finally did. A left hand drive Merc coming the other way, obviously the same driving school, decided to overtake blind from behind a vegetable lorry just as “Turbo Hero” was doing the same in the opposite direction. The result was a practical head on smash with both cars severely damaged and as luck would have it the Merc in the other direction was LHD so the driver escaped with just shock. Had she been in the other seat it would have been “Goodnight.”

Another car attempting the same manoeuvre as “Kamikaze Kate” couldn’t avoid the back end of the abruptly stopped Merc, glanced off it and careered across a field. It was also a miracle the driver wasn’t hurt too. In all 5 vehicles were involved, 2 hit by flying debris. The police came quickly and very efficiently measured everything, obviously not the first time dealing with this sort of crash. So, it was an exciting arrival to the island. Did the taxi firm say sorry? Not quite, but I’m sure they got quite near to it; the best I got was “you’re OK aren’t you!”

So now I’ve been there and done that, what’s left to do on the island? Might try reunification next.

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