Gary Robb in custody in the south

So they have him in custody. The RoC executed the European Arrest Warrant and extradited Gary Robb who landed on RoC soil on Wednesday 3rd August. It is reported that he will appear before a court in Nicosia and be remanded, almost certainly in custody since he does have a record of being a flight risk; witness his many years in North Cyprus whilst evading the British Police authority.

During his time in North Cyprus he somehow managed to convince the authorities here that he was fit to become a Citizen and to start a Company, Aga Development, with many well-known Turkish Cypriots as colleagues. In being allowed to do this, he was handed a vehicle to sell properties to unsuspecting foreigners and local people, dreams if you will, which were cruelly dashed when the whole house of cards came crashing down around them; the losers of course being the purchasers. Mr Robb was thwarted when trying to transfer money to Thailand, but still allegedly countless millions are still not accounted for.

His fellow shareholder, Advocate Mr Akan Kurşat, allegedly also has an outstanding arrest warrant issued in his name. It will be interesting to see if any attempt is made to action that particular arrest warrant.

With the drama unfolding just across the border and the speculation rife here in the TRNC, I thought now might be an appropriate time to republish my copies of the ONAY BELGESI – No: MS06737 – dated 06/09/2009.

There is much speculation on the various forums as to whether Mr Robb will reveal his fellow shareholders and directors of the company Aga Developments Limited; yet this document is available to anyone for a fee and is indeed a public record. You can obtain this document for any company that is trading or has traded in the TRNC.

More interesting is the speculation that Mr Robb will reveal the identity of the purchasers, most of whom were effectively Robb/ed of their life’s savings and got nothing but a worthless Contract in return, so what is there to tell. That he sold many, many hapless victims a dream that became a nightmare, that these properties, part built in most cases but were never transferred into the purchaser’s name. They never actually owned these properties, so what crime are they to be charged with?

Three purchasers are pursuing their case through the U.S. courts and are being condemned for doing so, why? When the TRNC refuse to help, refuse to listen, the legal system here lets them down so what choices are they left with? Indeed, if I am thrown out of the Kulaksiz 5 case, I might have very little choice but to follow their lead. The Tapu are holding back on the auction to sell assets to pay my Court Award, I am told by my Advocate that they are not allowed to chase the Tapu. It may well be they will never action this auction.

Mr. Tsimpedes the Greek Cypriot American lawyer is being demonised by some in the TRNC and is being accused of using TRNC disgruntled purchasers to discredit the TRNC. If he is, who has handed him this weapon by their lack of interest and action, the TRNC Government themselves.

I urge you who have problems to join the Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook Group. We have over 800 members and growing daily.

Never give in, never give up.




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