Further Tributes for Rauf Denktas

rauf denktas tributeToday I am feeling very sad, not least because  North Cyprus buries it’s most famous son, but also because due a deterioration in my own health I will not be able to travel to Lefkosa to say a final farewell.
The time spent standing in the rain and cold yesterday at Girne District court has taken its toll on me and I do feel that it would be most unwise to repeat it today.  Those who know me know I  have a very debilitating lung disease, ironically the reason I came to live in a healthier climate.  I think the benefits I initially derived from the cleaner air have been eroded by the abnormal stress level I now endure daily.
I will say a prayer when the faithful say their prayers at noon as a token of respect for a man I was privileged to have known. 
Mr Rauf Denktas 1924 to 2012.  A man of the people.
I share with you another tribute from the The Examiner a Washington publication
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