North Cyprus Property Victims | Earless 5 v Purityfinans Bank

On the morning of Easter Sunday, I would firstly like to wish you all a Happy Easter and hope you have a lovely day. Secondly I would like to tell you a story, a morality play if you like, although when you have finished reading it, I think you will find the main characters were a little short on morality and a lot shorter on compassion. Easter time being also the time for Passion plays.


There once were ten families who sought a home in a country they considered most beautiful and tranquil. In their quest for such sanctuary they happened upon an oasis of beauty in a place called Earless 5. They did not happen on this sanctuary together but between the years of 2003 to 2005 in the year of our Lord each family happened upon the same oasis.

This sanctuary known as Earless 5 was being sold by Abby Guney and Yuksel Yilmaz and both appeared as honest and God fearing men, so our seekers of sanctuary felt they had nothing to fear doing business with these gentlefolk of virtue. Little did our hapless heroes realise that ‘all that glitters is not gold’. They could not know that lurking in the background was a friend from the school-days of Yuksel Yilmaz, the school yard bully Guter Daker feared by all their school friends to whom many had lost their kofte lunch lovingly prepared by Anne (mother). By now an adult Guter Daker was the Manager of the Girne Branch of Purityfinans a former money lending organisation now espousing bank status in its quest for legitimacy. At first all appeared well in the sanctuary of Earless 5 and money was being paid over to Abby Guney without a qualm on the part of our seekers of sanctuary.

Little did our hapless seekers know that in the dark offices of Purityfinans plans were being hatched, the school friends were preparing a dastardly scheme to make sure that not only did the builder keep the money handed over by our seekers of sanctuary but they had found a way to take back the property too. “I know,” said Guter Daker, “I will lend you some money, let’s think of an interest rate that you cannot possibly afford to repay”. “How about a 100%? ” pipes up Abby Guney. “Don’t be silly ” said Guter. “They may well think you could have afforded to repay that and then they will be on to our plan”. “How about 1000% says Yuksel”. “I have always admired you ability to think big, but maybe that is just a little too big” says Guter. “I know, I’ll make it 250%, no one will suspect that figure, not too big and not too small” “What about my family “, shouts Yuksel, “they are on the same Kocan, I don’t want my old Anne to end up in the gutter, sorry Guter, no offence meant”. “None taken, my old friend, of course I wouldn’t dream of throwing YOUR family out”. Boo, hiss (Oh sorry I have wandered into pantomime).

And so on that evil day in 2005, the plot was set, the events started to move to the endgame as all those who hatched knew they would. I wish I could tell you that the villains were vanquished, that good triumphed over evil and that our hapless band of sanctuary seekers lived happily ever after. The end is still to be played out and, whilst we all know that in a civilised society the end would be the one we would wish, this is now happening in the here and now in North Cyprus, where it would appear anything is possible and the unthinkable frequently happens.

Now if you believe the names were changed to protect the innocent you would be right. The only innocents in this morality story are the seekers of sanctuary. Purity in Turkish is also spotless, clean or AK. An anagram was used for another villain in our story. Kulaksiz means earless. Yuksel Yilmaz is as common a name as Bill Smith in the country where this morality story takes place. As for Abby, well I wasn’t so hard on him, after all he did attend the court in August 2011 and give evidence to the effect that, baring my little flights of fancy, most of this story is true. That The Bank did know the properties on the site were sold, that they did send a surveyor out to the site, that the Contracts were looked at and that the clause “that the FREEHOLD land was mortgage free and would remain that way” was totally disregarded thus making our BANK colluders in this crime of fraud.

Here endeth my Easter Sunday tale of woe and wrongdoing.

Ann D Pandy

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