North Cyprus News | Happy Bayram! Mutlu Bayramlar!

The feast of Kurban Bayram starts today. This is a very special time here in the TRNC and North Cyprus Free Press wishes all our readers a Happy Bayram! or Mutlu Bayramlar!

It is a very special time in the Muslim calendar and a four day holiday here in the TRNC. All Government offices and banks will be closed. Most years have seen the larger supermarkets closing for one day and then as normal.

The holiday period begins with arife (preparation) on October 24 (Wednesday), and continues for four days until the evening of October 28 (Sunday). Turkey’s Republic Day, a major patriotic holiday, is the next day, Monday 29th October, so travel services may be in high demand through Tuesday 30th October 2012. Speaking of Republic Day, it looks like my party frock will be needed.

The next big holiday for Christians is of course Christmas, a time to celebrate the birth of Christ. It is of course also a time to touch base with your loved ones and I know many ex-pats do travel back to the UK to spend Christmas with their families.

I am sure during the next few weeks, plans will be made, flights will be booked and those staying in the TRNC will be making plans too. With this in mind I am sure our own SuperSnooper will be on the look out for bargains for us all. If there are any deals available, I am sure she will find them. Christmas presents and bargains too please, my personal tipple is Famous Grouse, so if that is on offer anywhere I will be interested.

Agile and I intend to spend Christmas here in the comfort of our own home. I will attempt to incinerate the turkey crown whilst Agile peels the spuds. Not easy when you consider his hands. It is not easy for him to do anything that requires the use of all fingers. Still he is doing his best to live up to his status of Agile lover. As you probably guessed cooking is not one of my skills but I will give it a go as it is Christmas. Having spent so much on legal fees, going anywhere has to be budgeted for and this year the budget has been strained with my US visit. Still I could not disappoint Mr Obama.

Never give in, never give up

Pauline Ann Read

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