NCFP Story | The Ring’s the Thing

NCFP Story | The Ring's the ThingNCFP Story | The Ring’s the Thing

My wife, Wendy, on Sunday, 23rd, had left the house on her way to church when she spotted a glinting ‘thing’ near the pavement. It was a ring with three diamonds set on a gold band! The following day she took it to the local cop shop, as it was obviously valuable, and someone would very likely be extremely upset at having lost it. Well, the officer on duty told my wife it had been reported as lost by a rather distraught lady, of the elderly variety, and hoped that it might be found. That lady had also said that another ring, her wedding ring, had also been lost so you can imagine her distress.

The police officer thanked my wife and, later, had contacted the lady who had lost it. She was overcome with relief and, tearfully, thanked the officer on duty for its recovery. This is where it then gets even better.

As Wendy came back from the police station she called into one of the local supermarkets but then, on her way back home, spotted another ‘glint’ on the road, a few feet from the original find – it was the missing wedding ring! Straight to the cop shop again where the same policeman was ecstatic for the find! There’s enthusiastic!! He immediately phoned the lady who had lost it, gave her our phone number and she, with her husband, arrived an hour later to collect it.

She told us that the diamond ring had been her husband’s mother’s ring so, not only valuable in itself but incredibly valuable for its history, a matter of probably over 80 years old.

The chances of losing and then finding something as small as a ring is one thing. Cars parked in the street had come and gone and yet both rings were completely untouched is another minor miracle. Plus my eagle-eyed wife who spotted each one! The lady and her husband were lovely folk and we spent a very happy hour or so when they came round to collect the wedding ring. Apart from the crap, freezing weather here in the UK at the moment, this little episode was a very heart-warming experience! Ahhhh!!!

Ken Dunn

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