Nanny State

Now here’s a little story.
To tell it is a must
About an unsung hero
Who clears away the………….tourists.

Tourists, yes the tourists, I know, it should have been the dust. In my little story, the dustman’s part is being taken by the police. Sorry Lonnie!

On Thursday a group of six London Turkish Cypriots, all holders of British Passports, here on holiday decided to visit a Casino and spend a little money. A good time was being had by all until in came the Nanny State police.

‘Ere, you lot, are you Turkish Cypriots, you cannot spend your money here whilst your wife is at home barefoot and pregnant and your kids are starving?’

‘Er, sorry officer, this is my wife, she is not barefoot and she’s not pregnant (are you darling?) Officer, we live in the UK and are here on holiday, we all have British Passports.’

‘Yeh but do you have Kimlik cards?’

‘Well yes we do.’

‘Yeh, good enough for me, you’re nicked, they don’t pay me enough to think or apply common sense.’

Now how many Human Rights are violated when a law telling you how you can spend your money exists. On a more practical level, the Casino will be fined, the tourists will be fined and some easy revenue will have been collected. You Couldn’t Make It Up – could you?

Just out of interest – I wonder how the investigation into our illegal break in and the vehicular attack on Chris is going – or as I suspect – are our statements now cut into neat little squares hanging in the toilet?

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