Frank and Joan Gillin Returning to Cyprus in September

For those who don’t know Frank and Joan, they kept a website called Frank and Joan’s Diary since 2002. They then sold their property in Cyprus because of health reasons and moved to France. Now it seems they are returning to Cyprus in September

“We have been deliberating long and hard since our trip back to Cyprus and finally realise that we made a mistake. we should have stayed there amongst all our friends and with the social life we made there.

With the aid of a couple of friendly estate agents out there we have found this.

A three bed villa with pool and stunning views over the mountains and down to the sea. We also know the owner from our time there before and I in fact installed all the air conditioners and kitchen equipment during the days when I was dealing in that stuff. Also one other advantage about this villa, it is about a 300 meter walk to one of our favourite restaurants, The Green Palace.”

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