Four Archbishops cause confusion in Cyprus

St Spiridon

The cemetery of the St Spyridonas in Nicosia was the scene of vandalism on the graves of three former Cypriot orthodox archbishops. In two cases the coffins were stolen and all thee gravestones were stolen. Initially the police thought they were dealing with “body snatching”, but the church later clarified the issue by saying the human remains of the orthodox archbishops  were buried on another site. A 34 year old Rumanian has been arrested for the incident and has given a confession, he was arrested after being caught throwing a bag of excrement at a police station.

Seems strange to have a grave with all the trimmings in one place and the corpse in another. Still, at least there wasn’t the usual xenophobic, “It was them up north what did it!”

Meanwhile at a totally different location in Cyprus, the Greek Cypriot Archbishop Chrysostomos has crossed into the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The visit is the first to be paid to the Republic by Chrysostomos. The first stop of Chrysostomos was the St Barnabas Archeology and Icon Museum. He was accompanied by the Minister of Tourism, Environment and Culture Ersan Saner during the visit. Later, he visited the Sipahi village and Dipkarpaz. Chrysostomos also had inspections at the Apostolos Andreas Monastery.

Speaking during the visits, Chrysostomos said that he crossed into the Turkish Side for the first time after a break of 37 years. He claimed that their wish is to bring a solution to the Cyprus problem under the roof of the so called the `Republic of Cyprus.`

He then returned to the south where he found time to call President Demetris Christofias a liar because of  his call on the Church to pay tax. In retaliation Government spokesman Stefanos Stefanou called the Archbishop an embezzler.

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