Dolores the Dancing Donkey from the Karpas in North Cyprus

You will recall my tale of my encounter with Dolores during my trip to the Karpas.  I am now able to show my ‘daytrip’ photos.  No I do not have my own laptop back yet,   I did try to apply for it yesterday but apparently my application has to be made in Turkish and I had omitted to  give a reason why I wanted it back.  Why on earth would I want my own laptop back?   I did check whether this is a usual requirement, apparently not.   I suppose if I want it I will have to tell them of the fact that my Skype phone is on it and that it is my lifeline to my family in the U.K.

Back to the glamorous Dolores; seeing some of the photos reminded me of Dolores’s dancing days.  Apparently she learnt to cock her ear (see photo) as part of her Spanish dancing lessons.  She told me that hand gestures in Spanish dancing is as important and the feet movements. Now feet movement she assured me were no problem for her, in fact having four was a positive advantaged and her instructor was very impressed that she could make the stamping  sound it usually took two dancers to achieve. The absence of hands were the problem however but Dolores is nothing if not resourceful and this is when she discovered just how versatile her ears were, problem solved..

People came from miles around just to see Dolores dance.   She couldn’t understand why they laughed so much because the story behind the dance was usually very serious and when she started to sing during her performance, she apparently had them rolling in the aisles.   She put it down to the continental temperament and, as she said, we all have different ways of expressing our emotions.

You will also see a photo of her laughing at her ‘own’ joke and the final wink as we bid her farewell.

I could not miss the opportunity of showing you the dyslexic sign for the View Hotel or Deks.  If you do visit the Karpas pop in to Deks, you will be made very welcome.  No Bobby is not my brother, he’s just  a nice guy who deserves to succeed.

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