Charles the Chameleon

I would like to introduce you to my new friend Charles, the Chameleon. Charles and I met whilst I was enjoying a dry sherry, at Sams Place (just off the main road through Alsancack). I did offer Charles some of my sherry but he said he prefers a nice dry fly.

Charles specialises in his high wire act but not just any wire, barbed wire; Charles says it adds a little more excitement and danger to the act and he never uses a safety net. If you are lucky you may get to enjoy an impromptu performance as we did.

What a joy. Costume changes are no problem for Charles, as he explained he just thinks pink or grey and, voila! I offered Charles a snack but as he says he is partial to the odd insect, grasshopper, the occasional praying mantis but peanuts give him wind. I know just what he means.

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