Jolly Jack’s Castle now available on Apple’s iTunes and on Nook Book

Jolly Jack's Castle | A Novel by Ken DunnNCFP contributor Ken Dunn’s first novel, Jolly Jack’s Castle – an Everyday Bloody Barking Mad Story of Teaching Folk, is now available from Apple’s iTunes for iPods and iPads.

As before, the Kindle version can be purchased from Amazon and has been rated 4 out of 5 stars by readers. For example, ‘Greengate’ wrote

“No deep and meaningful plots here – just a bloody good read. I’ve no doubt if you remember your school days – you will know a teacher just like these. Well now see it from their side… “

Amazon UK | Amazon US | Amazon Germany | Amazon France

For those with epub compliant ereaders such as the Sony range or the Nook Book can purchase the book online from Barnes & Noble

The paperback version for those who have not bought an ereader is available from where there is a BOGOF offer offering 50% off a second book using the code DOUBLEBOOKED

Jolly Jack’s Castle Extract on North Cyprus Free Press

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