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What is a rule? If you are prohibited from doing something, if the breaking of that prohibition is deletion, then I think you can say the very act of deletion turns a suggestion into a rule.

John Good, oh no lets not mess around, John Good does not exist, it is Nigel Watson ( I think most of you knew that anyway), re-admitted me as a member only of Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook group because, in my opinion, he saw the reaction of some members to what had happened. But not without some changes. The rule situation I mention in the first paragraph appeared yesterday too. Any article on NCFP (even property scam related) cannot appear on Stop the Blackmail, why? because Nige has received 30 plus complaints about this link, the complaints being that the Editor, Malcolm Channing benefits financially through his advertising every time someone uses the link, so this must be stopped. How convenient for Nige to receive 30 plus complaints at the very time I had been reluctantly allowed back into the group. I wonder if Nige received 30 complaints about this rule then he’d cancel it?

As we all know Nige started the group and put me as member and Admin without consulting me. When the numbers were not growing fast enough, he and his alter ego left the group but after my putting out a press release (in NCFP too) praising him, he asked to come back. It is now a matter of record that I campaigned hard and recruited members to the group. So did Nige, once he decided STBINC proved successful. I wrote about it, used the good offices of Cyprus 44, oh I miss it – no forum comes close to it. I rallied the members and did my pseudo cartwheels every time we reached a new target. I don’t remember anyone else doing that.

When I challenged Nige about this rule, he said it was not a rule but a suggestion. Oh that’s alright then, so why then was the latest article, very much property related, deleted? No Nige, it is not a suggestion, it is a RULE, your rule which of course sounds suspiciously like censorship coupled with sour grapes. The proof will be if other links from sources making money from traffic to their sites will be treated similarly, e.g. from Cyprus Mail and most news sites. Copying and pasting these sources seems silly when a link makes much more sense. Facebook was not meant to be used in this way, anyone familiar with FB knows this, apart from Nige it seems. But a RULE is a RULE and should be applied fairly. That is unless Nige is being discriminatory.

Whether either of these two online news sources ever break even, I do not know and do not care. What I do know is one relies on donations and one does NOT ask its readers for donations but instead uses some limited advertising. One relies on summarising and commenting on articles already in the media plus contributions from outside sources. The other by copies and pastes articles already available in the media. There is a place for both.

I have been fighting this new and silly rule as I think you all know I would. Here is the result: inbox received 11 hours ago.

“i told you I would tell you if I had a problem with you now I do, you sare clearly hell bent on causing a split and or disrupting the group I will be kind and think it is because of your health and the heat combined with recent events any more posts in a similar fasion and you leave me no choice but to thank you for all your efforts and remove you from the group it is your choice conform and fit in with the group or call it censorship and leave.”

Wow, that sure told me. No Nige, if you want me out, you ban me yet again. I thought bullying such as this stopped when I was ten years old. I suppose everyone has one original thought in their life, STBINC was Nige’s.

Never give in never give up.

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