Pauline Read replies to Nigel Watson’s Attempt to Misinform


I will satisfy the ignorance and total stupidity of Nigel Watson aka John Good because being pig thick he really should be tied up in his sty.

In his usual courageous style he started a thread on his site laughingly referred to as North Cyprus Forum, you know the site he bans you from so you have no right of reply, then starts a smear campaign against you. His usual cowardly style.

Yes Nigel you little oik, I recognise myself as Mrs Parrot and yes Puppy Lover, I know you enjoyed putting the knife in, sorry if I upset you and hubby by pointing out that being simply someone incurring a monetary loss makes me no less a victim than any other victim, especially on Kulaksiz 5 since Richard Barclay, Ant and Irene Barker, Brian and Margaret Freeman, Rachelle Bookatz, Eva McCluskey also have somewhere else to live, so they too are only incurring a monetary loss. Bob and Jan French, Phil and Mike and Marion and Dave Wilson possibly do not. Of course we all know Richard Barclay is raking it in through letting his villa on K5 and another villa in Karsiyaka whilst living rent free in the villa owned by Rachelle. He is still refusing to pay his share of the costs for the case we lost on 26th August 2011 too. If you call being apprised of the facts, a mouthful, so be it.

Now listen carefully because I do realise your ability to understand is much impaired.

I won an award of £120,000 plus 4% interest in my Breach of Contract Action on the 6th November 2009.

I have to date, that is Wednesday the 8th August 2012, not received that award, not even one penny.

I do not believe I ever will, so I joined the joint case with K5 both domestically and through the ECHR.

Boysan Boyra has made it clear that IF some miracle happens and they do realise the money for the award by selling the assets I have a memorandum on, then I WILL BE OUT of the K5 case and the ECHR case.

So you see Nigel my porcine friend, I do not, nor have I ever expected to receive the money TWICE. I leave such fantasies to idiots like you.

When you have won a breach of contract your CONTRACT is nul and VOID—-but you normally retain possesion of the property you have paid for until you receive payment of the award. However, as you know (and probably clapped your hands because of) my villa was illegally repossessed by Akfinans Bank on the 30th July 2010. Even in the TRNC, the courts do not normally expect you to hand over the villa until you receive your award.

At this exact moment in time, I have no use of my villa, nor have I received a penny in compensation either. Is that clear enough for your limited intellect?

The attached e mail is easy to understand Nigel, even for you, you have absolutely no right to see it but guess what, unlike you, I have nothing to hide and do not indulge in censorship or banning those more intelligent than me. I have attached the original for publication but reproduced it in bigger print below.

“Dear Pauline Read

Whenever a person breaches a Contract the other party has the right to either accept the breach and affirm the Contract or terminate the Contract and seek a remedy for breach.

As you commenced litigation for breach the Contract was terminated.

However, because you were in possession of the property, the act of entering the property without your consent is a criminal offence. Whenever a person is in possession of a property on whatever basis, possession can only be recovered with an eviction order. The bank had no eviction order and, as such no right to enter the property.


Naomi Mehmet LL.b (Hons)”

This confirms that the villa was still in my possession and should only have been relinquished by either giving me the award, or producing an eviction order, neither of these events occurred.

Now Nigel, I suggest you stick to doing things you are good at, although for the life of me, what that might be escapes me.

Pauline Ann Read

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