Pauline Read Decides to Defend Herself Against the Bank Writs

Pauline Read Decides to Defend Herself Against the Bank Writs


Pauline Read has just returned from the Girne Kaza Mahkemesinde where she lodged the necessary paperwork to indicate that she intends to defend herself against the charges of Libel contained in the two Writs served to her front door on the 23rd August 2012. The young lady at the court office was very courteous and efficient and this time no one questioned her right to defend herself as she did not live in Girne. She had in fact taken her water and utilities bill to prove that she did, but it was unnecessary.

She then drove round to the offices of Talat Kurşat where, in the presence of Agile, she handed over the copies as instructed by the court office clerk. Mr Talat Kurşat was out of the country she was told, but would be back within a couple of days.

My understanding is that she will next receive a more detailed form of the charges and a court date. Of course she now has three of those to look forward to and I can imagine they will have separate dates so as to maximise the fear factor, not I hasten to add on the part of the court, but the petitioners, the Bank. Of course all the samples of the alleged Libel pre-date the first Writ and could have been contained within that WRIT, thus saving the Bank’s depositors a lot of money. Clearly any money spent by the Bank conducting this spiteful campaign must come from somewhere.

She will of course suggest to the court that since she is defending herself and will need the services of a translator, perhaps they should amalgamate all the cases to save the court’s time and money. If they were totally unrelated articles then she would understand the need for three separate Writs but since they are all the same old, same old, why would they need there be to heard separately?

O B Joyful

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