North Cyprus Bank accused of being involved in “criminal conspiracy”


It is now 4 years since Pauline Read started on her legal route towards trying to save her villa on the Kulaksiz 5 development in Karsiyaka.

I asked her if she had known what lay ahead, would she have embarked on such a trip. Her answer, a very swift YES. She said, if you know you are in the right, what other choice is there?

She tells me she still firmly believes that the actions of the Landowner Yuksel Yilmaz, the Builder Kulaksiz Construction in the person of Abdurrahman Guney and the Bank were an act of criminal conspiracy designed to steal the homes from their rightful owners. She carefully gave me her reasons for believing this.

1. The existence of the Survey commissioned by the Bank in March 2005, confirming the presence of properties on the land, the Bank chose to describe as only Tarla (land).

2. The bank’s failure to make any effort to check on the true ownership of the properties.

3. The bank’s application of an initial interest rate of 250%.

4. The bank’s, the landowner and builder’s cloak of secrecy over the loan.

5. The fact that when the debt was 350,000 TL and the value of three houses given to the landowner as payment for the land were in excess of this amount, the bank refused to act and take these houses to sell and recoup the debt. The sale of the houses of the true borrower would have easily paid the debt and at that time the market was still active. She felt the bank did not want to act against a fellow conspirator. Why take some, when they wanted it all.

6. She believes the Judge who gave the repossession order on 20 November 2008, had not been made aware of the properties on the land or the rights of the owners.

7. She is hoping that the Prosecutor appointed by the Attorney General to investigate her allegations of criminal conspiracy submitted on 6th April 2012 will investigate this aspect in point 6.

In addition to the above points, the Bank who have now moved into her villa after illegally and violently repossessing it are now on the very best of terms with the family of the landowner Yuksel Yilmaz. Osman Karaman, the brother in law of Yuksel Yilmaz, has padlocked his meter box and will only allow Jel Clark, the only British owner to do a deal with the bank, to read this meter for the purpose of collecting his share of the communal bill. The bank, in their attempt to control everything, even tried to get the other ex-pat owners to allow Clark to read their meters and collect their share of the communal bill. Karaman’s children are allowed the use of my pool too. So it would appear that the family of the former landowner are going to retain their share of the ‘spoils’. The bank, well unless a miracle happens, we will have to wait for the ECHR to deal with them.

I did ask Ms Read if she ever received the outstanding share of the costs from Richard Barclay. She confirmed she had not, in fact she has received information that he is now on a trip for several months to the Czech Republic with his girlfriend, so it seems he can afford a holiday but chooses not to honour his debts. Yet another candidate for Karma.

Power to the people

Citizen Smith

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