NCFP Opinion | Pauline Read Replies to April Fool Joke Critics

NCFP Opinion | Pauline Read Replies to April Fool Joke CriticsWITHOUT PREJUDICE

NCFP Opinion – Pauline Read Replies to April Fool Joke Critics

Oh dear seems Pandora fell foul of a reader on NCFP yesterday who instead of putting a comment under the ‘April Fool’ blog, the reader took the blog to another forum and made a thread of it. Now what does that tell you about the reader? I was tempted to say making a mole out of a mountain, but would I dare, clearly the reader underwent a humour transplant at some time.

The blog started with a headline surely no-one could take seriously, it referred to the Minister of the Inferior, did the reader really believe that was a typing error? That on the 1st of April 2014 after ignoring the property scams since the early 2000’s, did the reader really believe this day was the day they would do a u-turn and at the foot of the blog Pandora S Box (Pandora’s box), come on? Why the editor even gave the game away with his comment.

Of course, the reader was out to make mischief and what better target than the writer of the blog. Or what worse target since I as the writer have forgotten more about being bullied, pilloried, arrested, losing my laptop and my property, calls for deportation, hate groups formed and more than this particular person could even imagine. That I did not crawl into a corner and feel sorry for myself and chose to laugh at the situation rather than to wallow in it is my coping mechanism of choice. Some chose to be HISS sufferers, some took to drink, some just quietly use the law, I chose to confront the fraudsters and still do and if that offends some…..tough. Walk a mile in my shoes then perhaps you might, just might, have the right to tell me how to behave.

Now if this offended person wants something to complain about as being inappropriate, perhaps he should look on the forum he chose to ‘expose’ my lack of feeling and he will find real fodder there if you want to have a go at members’ inappropriate behaviour. However, it seems the owner of the forum has been made aware and chooses to allow it. Try to put a link to and you will be banned. This is a link to TRNC Government information page. I think it says more about who the member is than what they have done.

Never mind, I am sure Polly Marples can live without being a member of such a forum.

Pauline Read

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