NCFP Community Warning | Beware of Spam

NCFP Community Warning – Beware of Spam

If like me, you do not have someone you can call on to confirm SPAM is SPAM, you could get caught out. I am fortunate, when in doubt I send it to my guru, he quickly confirmed it was SPAM.

I was particularly annoyed though that Yahoo allowed this one to get through their SPAM filter into my normal email box.

“Your E-Mail account has exceeded Its storage limit as set by our Administrator, and you will not be able to receive new emails until you re-validate it.

Click the link RE-VALIDATE to update your email now

NOTE: That failure to re-validate your email account will result to loss of your account and you will not be able to receive or send mails.”

When I clicked on to the link, it did look authentic, but luckily for me I did not fill in my password. My virus protection did activate and foiled an attempt, so maybe it was aimed just at me, it would not be unusual.

I note that the link is no longer active so maybe Yahoo have intervened or maybe it was personal and my virus detector sorted it. Either way, be careful out there folks.

Pauline Read

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