Why are we waiting for the Bar Council?

waitingThere is very little to say about this topic because there has been no feedback from Feyzi Hansel, the General Secretary of the Bar Council despite his promise to do so. People say that this is because of the slow pace of life here but surely an offer to publish information about radical laws affecting foreign property buyers should be responded to quickly? One of the reasons people are not happy with the legal profession is because they never seem to get back to you and answer important questions. This habit looks as if it starts from the top.

Even an acknowledgement would be appreciated Feyzi, if you haven’t had time to read the email NCFP sent you we’ll repeat the most important part of it:

“Dear Feyzi,
I’ve published an additional article as a result of your comments and have written that I would ask you for an English summary of the new Advocates Laws.”

These laws are apparently going to be passed in about 60 days and as usual we foreigners will be told that we have to know what they consist of or else we are told that it will be our fault for not knowing. Oh Feyzi, these are your members blaming us and we came to you for help and guess what, the help never came. Perhaps your members should start blaming you for our ignorance? Now if you have had swine flu or some serious complaint then I apologise for our impatience but then surely someone in the office could have told us that. My own lawyer’s excuse for not answering my communications many years ago was that he was in court, that worked until I discovered one day that the court had been shut.

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