What Akfinans Bank did was legal in the TRNC – warn prospective buyers

We all truly believe in the rightness of standing up to these bullies at Akfinans Bank Limited. By “we” I mean the pensioners of Kulaksiz 5. I certainly do not mean the Government whose first response was to look for loopholes in the law – laws so flawed they should never have made it to the statute books. Instead of taking the obvious stance of changing these obscene laws that allow a former owner of land, who just because of another poorly administered government department (Permission to Purchase Office) still have their names on the Deeds, to do just as they please. The Land Registry Office whose role in this fiasco has been paramount, had no real guidance and just did, what they have always done, followed the archaic rule book.

Too late, the new Government have brought in new laws to protect new purchasers. Now that truly is amusing – what new purchasers? who do they think are going to purchase here when this news breaks out into the world press? Did they have the courage to make the laws RETROSPECTIVE, of course not. The Government are being heavily lobbied by Akfinans Bank and the Bankers’ Union. Bankers worship what they have always worshipped, MONEY. Not one of them has the sense to see that doing the right thing is the only way to save this country from total humiliation. Where is their patriotism?

The United Kingdom advises against buying in the TRNC, whilst they could remain on the sidelines when U.K. citizens were loosing their money, they cannot now whilst U.K. citizens are being potentially physically threatened, bullied and intimidated, as well as having their Human Rights walked all over.

Akfinans Bank Limited showed their true colours on the night of Friday 30th July 2010. Maybe the TRNC government can ignore that, maybe the TRNC Police can ignore that, but the UK and European government cannot and must not. We are U.K. and European citizens and there are 1,400 more of us it that it IS going to happen to. This is a wake up call to them, they cannot allow their citizens to suffer whilst they stay silent.

What can you do to help:

1. Write to your M.P. in the last British town/city you lived in and copy in the local newspaper there. Make sure your M.P. is aware that you have copied in the press.

2. Send a copy of your letter to President Eroglu.

If you are not brave enough to do number 2, at least do number 1.

You may not be affected yet, but believe me, if they get away with this, worse will follow.

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