Were you defrauded by this TRNC conman?

For those of you who remember reading about an International conman by the name of Derick Coles who made his way to Northern Cyprus, and I cannot resist saying ‘don’t they all’, you will pleased to know his is now cooling his heels as a guest of the Sarasota Police in U.S.A.   Below is a reminder of the adventures of Mr Coles.  The Yanks, love ’em or hate ’em, they do know how to deal with people like Mr Coles who allegedly has swindled millions from his hapless victims.   Now who does that remind you of?

The glaring difference is, here Fraud is allegedly a Civil offence and no-one is ever made to pay for their crimes.  In the U.S.A, it is taken seriously and the villains do real prison time.   Like I say, love ’em or hate ’em, on this occasion the ‘powers that be’ in the TRNC could learn from them.

If you were a victim of this infamous fraudster, there a number of contact details within the article.  Click the link and read more.


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