Tutuska Auction – Sunday the 13th June at 10am

When something as awful as losing your home happens, you have a right to feel sorry for yourself, and yes I did. Then I got to thinking, how else would I have met so many selfless, wonderful caring people. Those of you at the auction, I could feel the loving and caring pouring out from you all. In the midst of true evil, good was pushing its way to the top. The tenacious Haluk from Ada T.V. who rushes in where angels fear to tread in his search for truth. Wonderful journalists like Kerem Hasan at Kibris Star and Cyprus Star. Ian Sheppard and Tom Roche who have reported our plight with the sensitivity that can only come from a true caring nature. Cyprus Today, all the TV and newspaper journalists in the Turkish speaking press who have rallied to our support by keeping us on their front pages.  (Editor: erm, aren’t you forgetting someone?)

Tomorrow, ordinary Turkish Cypriots and Turkish owners at a block of apartments in Girne need our support. This travesty of justice is to be repeated on them. The auction is to be held at the coffee shop opposite the court. I will be there to support them – will you? Park in the municipal car park behind the courts and walk towards the courts, I am not exactly sure where the coffee shop is, I guess and I hope it will be easy to find because of the crowds. Starts at 10.00am; be early.

We are now referred to as K5 so if you see a little old lady strutting around like a Dalek, that’ll be me.

If you care – be there.

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