Trust me, I’m a North Cyprus Advocate

Now, if like me you have lived here for quite a while and think you have seen it all, done it all and even got the T shirt then here is another little example of the entrepreneurial skills of the Advocates here. Yes I know it has been available for a long time, but with all the bad experiences encountered here, why would anyone in their right mind trust any Advocate enough to put their property in a ‘TRUST’ administered by one of the clique?

I just chose one of the Advocates spiel at random and strangely enough it happens to be Talat Kurşat. Oh, er, I am sure you all believe me. However it is on their website for all to see, so I won’t feel too badly about it.

Allegedly Carrrington Developments have been promoting this particular way of ‘safeguarding’ purchasers investments. Perhaps if a Carrington purchaser is reading this, and entered into a Trust, they would like to tell NCFP of their experience? I have no idea which legal firm they use or indeed if they have had any takers.

I am attaching some interesting reading from Talat Kurşat’s website on this very subject. An annual trust fee of £250 plus 16% VAT applies.

One piece of advice I would give anyone entering into such an arrangement, if possible do not give the Advocate arranging your Trust your Power of Attorney, better safe than sorry. Not an accusation you understand, just common sense.

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