TRNC reporting ban prevents Turkish Cypriots from knowing about Kulaksiz 5 problem

It is becoming increasingly clear that it is impossible to embarrass the present TRNC government. Every approach by those who try to help the property victims falls on deaf ears; every entreaty by the victims themselves is ignored. It is as if the problem does not exist in the eyes of the present government. Thanks to the intervention of Akfinans Bank Limited invoking the Banking law to silence the press they are not being pressured by those who should be pressuring them, in other words the media.

The Advocate acting for the main Turkish Cypriot newspaper read, it is said, by 85% of the Turkish speaking population, allegedly¬†publicly told a member of the Kulaksiz 5 ‘your case will be tried in the courts, not in the media.’ To that gentleman I would say, ‘it would be nice just to see it reported.’ At least then the Turkish Cypriot people would be aware that the problem has not gone away.

After the last hearing there was a small piece in Cyprus Today and anyone reading it could be forgiven for believing that according to this article I had actually received the ¬£120,000 I had been awarded on the 6th November 2009 because in their reporting they put that I had settled my case at that time. Now, I will consider ‘my case’ settled if and when I receive the award – this year, next year, sometime or as in the majority of awards made to ex-pats in the TRNC, never. Now what is really annoying about this reporting is the fact that I was sat in the court so it would have been simple for the reporter to check this fact with me. Clearly in the interest of fair reporting, this should have happened.

I can fully see why Akfinans Bank Limited are keen to have my villa excluded from any Interim Injunction Order that is made. The manner in which it was repossessed was criminal; they have spent a considerable amount of money making it into the Kader family weekend retreat and would be loath to give that up. The fact is, although my Contract ceased on the winning of the Breach of Contract, my legal possession did not. It was irrelevant whether I was living in it or not. I still had keys to it, it was locked and secured and could only have been accessed by ‘breaking in’ as I had not surrendered it to them. Why would I, when I had been assured by my Advocate that possession remained mine until I either received the Court Award or Akfinans Bank Limited had been to court and won an Eviction Order.

This is the exact wording of an email from my Advocate

“Dear Pauline Read

Whenever a person breaches a Contract, the other party has the right to either accept the breach and affirm Contract or terminate the Contract and seek a remedy for the breach.

As you commenced litigation for breach, the Contract was terminated.

However, because you were in possession of the property, the act of entering the property without your consent is a criminal offence.

Whenever a person is in possession of a property on whatever basis, possession can only be recovered with an eviction order. The Bank had no eviction order an, as such no right to enter the property.”

This email, dated the 6th May 2011, only confirmed the opinion given by my Advocate and another Advocate at the time of the break in on Friday 30th July 2010.

August the 26th draws nearer, the day we find out if we have won the Interim Injunction to stop Akfinans Bank Limited selling the properties all of Kulaksiz 5 possess, including me. It is abundantly clear to me that Akfinans Bank Limited do not want my villa included in the Injunction if K5 are successful. I just pray they do not get their way.

It is interesting to note that all work on the K5 site being carried out by Akfinans Bank Limited has been halted since the last hearing.

If you are a property scam victim in the TRNC join Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook Group.

Never give in, never give up.


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