TRNC Property Victims amazed that Judge Talat Usar is trying Kulaksiz 5’s ‘main’ case

Today I was the only K5 victim at the first hearing of the ‘main’ case in Kulaksiz 5’s legal fight to save their homes from being taken by Akfinans Bank Limited to satisfy a mortgage taken by the Builder Abdurrahman Guney and Landowner Yuksel Yilmaz back in late 2005. A mortgage granted after the owners of Kulaksiz 5 properties had Contracted to buy, and paid for their homes.

Advocate Hasan Ackan from the legal firm of Boysan Boyra handed over the legal paperwork giving details of the particulars of our claim to the court. The case was then adjourned until Tuesday 29th November 2011 when I understand Akfinans Bank Limited will give the details of their defence to the court. I have been told that this too will be a very short procedure.

The Judge in this case is again Judge Talat Usar, the same Judge who found against K5 in the Interim Injunction hearing and also refused to give an emergency Injunction. The refusal of the Interim Injunction has been Appealed and we are still awaiting the date for this Appeal at the High Court.

I was the only member of the Kulaksiz 5 at the court today. A journalist from Cyprus Today was present as were four of our regular supporters, amongst them was Mary Day who has a hearing tomorrow at Girne District Court.

I am not going to comment on my feelings about the same Judge hearing a K5 case yet again.

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