TRNC Foreign Minister criticises TCs holding RoC passports despite allegedly having one

It would seem that we have a Government who now adopts the ‘don’t do as I do, do as I tell you to do’ school of thought.

Cyprus Mail are picking up on articles in Yeni Duzen, Haberdar and Volkan Turkish language daily newspapers who are commenting on these apparent examples of ‘double standards.’

It would seem that senior members of the current government do hold RoC passports. One of the members is being quoted as saying “The Greek Cypriots deceive our young people, the Turkish Cypriots, with the passports”.

Read for yourself , judge for yourself.

“After reportedly saying that Turkish Cypriots were being “deceived” into obtaining Republic of Cyprus (Roc) passports ‘TRNC Foreign Minister’ Huseyin Ozgurgun, has been named in a newspaper as being a recipient himself.

“The Greek Cypriots deceive our young people, the Turkish Cypriots, with the passport,” Ozgurgun was quoted as saying in Turkish Cypriot daily Yeni Duzen.

The paper on Tuesday then published a copy from RoC’s civil registry showing that Ozgurgun himself holds a passport of the Republic. 

The story also blew the whistle yesterday on another four ‘government ministers’ in the north who hold RoC passports. 

Those are ‘Finance Minister’ Ersin Tatar; ‘Economy and Energy Minister’ Sunat Atun; ‘Tourism, National Education, Youth and Sports Minister’ Kemal Durust; and ‘Health Minister’ Ahmet Kasif.  

Ozgurgun had told the Turkish Grand National Assembly that 100,000 Turkish Cypriots hold RoC passports, Yeni Dunzen reported. 

Ozgurgun had said that the benefits of having a European Union (EU) passport attracted young Turkish Cypriots, who use RoC passports to study or work in the EU, effectively being turned into “Greek Cypriot citizens”.

This was described as a “dangerous development” in the Turkish Press, Yeni Duzen said.

Their columnist, Aysu Basri Akter, said yesterday that Ozgurgun’s comments showed “that this land, which they named a republic, cannot protect its citizens. Otherwise, why are there en masse demands of ministers, MPs, and nearly the whole number of people of a country in order to get the citizenship of another republic?”

“It should not be forgotten that the Turkish Cypriots have rights in the republic called (the) Republic of Cyprus,” journalist Rasih Resat wrote last week in his column for daily Haberdar, commenting on Ozgurgun’s remarks. 

Right wing Turkish Cypriot daily Volkan yesterday named an individual as the source of the leaked documents exposing the high ranking officials in the north. 

Ozgurgun had previously taken issue with the fact that TCs could not travel freely on passports issued in the north.

Of course, I do not have an opinion for fear of being dubbed a Greek propogandist ….again.

Me, I am just the 4th wise monkey. The cheeky monkey.



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